By CassandraZara
From a friend of mine, free until Monday:


Beatrice Holt seems to have it all. She's got a passionate and loving marriage to the perfect man, billionaire Jeremy Holt, and all the opportunities and financial security that comes with it. However, life wasn't always so wonderful. When a tragic accident results in amnesia, she is effectively transported back to a time when all her emotional wounds are still causing her intense pain. She can't remember how those wounds were healed the first time around, she can't remember her marriage, she can't remember the man behind the money at all. All she sees in Jeremy is the very kind of man she swore she would never fall for.

Can Jeremy find a way to make her fall in love with him all over again and make lightning strike twice? Can he help Beatrice remember their song or has their one chance for happiness slipped through their fingers?


“...close your eyes, Bea. It’s just you and me here, and you’re a star.”

My eyelids dropped and I took a few breaths to settle my nerves. Listening to the steady lapping of the waves, feeling the ‘beat’ of the island, I licked my lips. The first few words were off-key and sounded slightly strangled, as they so often did. Singing always reminded me of my Dad, my first number one fan, and I couldn’t help but get choked up.

Soon though, I concentrated on the song, what it meant, and felt my throat relax, letting the words come out clear and strong. It was a song of unexpected hope, of self-realization, of us. It was our love put to music and it was the only song I’d ever written. For now it belonged only to the two of us, I wouldn’t sing this at my audition.

The last notes finished and I opened my eyes to look up at Jeremy, who still had his closed. He was holding my hands between us and playing with my wedding ring, his smile widening when he opened his eyes. From the beach I heard clapping and turned my head to see another young couple had paused their romantic walk to listen to me. I buried my face on Jeremy’s chest to hide for a moment but peeked out and waved from the safety of his embrace until they stopped their applause and the man spread out a blanket for them to sit on and look out over the water..."